Welcome 2023 Baja Haha!

Weathermuffin is offering 6 months of our premium weather service free to 2023 Baja Haha entrants (a $180 value).

Q. What is Weathermuffin?

A novel weather app developed specifically for cruisers, by a fellow cruiser. Based on your specific position, course, and speed, it watches the forecasts to warn you of potentially hazardous or uncomfortable conditions ahead.

Q. How does Weathermuffin differ from Windy or PredictWind?

Weathermuffin is different by design—you won’t find any GRiB files here. Here’s how Weathermuffin is unique:

✅ It monitors your conditions ahead.

When you use Weathermuffin, your current position, course, and speed are used to examine the conditions around you and the forecasts ahead for the next 72 hours. You’ll see a list of potentially hazardous or uncomfortable conditions to be on the lookout for. You’ll see the areas of hazard on the map, in the context of your position, so you can plan to evade or prepare. Plus, even handier, you can “slide” time forward and back to see forecasts in context with your extrapolated future position (given course and speed are maintained).

The full list of conditions monitored can be found here, but beyond the basics like wind speed and wave height, includes the conditions sailors care about most, like steep waves, wind opposing current, lightning strikes, and more (with new monitored conditions being added continually).

“The steepness of the waves is often of far greater interest to the seaman than the mere heights of the waves.”

Graham P. Britton, Captain, Royal Navy (Retired) – source

✅ It gives you synoptic charts.

Synoptic charts are weather charts produced by the professional meteorologists at NOAA. As such, they depict fronts and other weather features not shown on GRiB files. Synoptic charts are shown on a map in context with your current position. And of course, as above, you can “slide” time to see the forecasts in context with your extrapolated position.

Q. Should I still use another weather source like PredictWind?

Yes. You still need another service if you want to view GRiBs and do weather routing.

Q. What is required to use Weathermuffin?

  • An iPhone or iPad. (Sorry, it’s not available on Android yet!)
  • An internet connection. This can be Iridium GO, Starlink (or other satellite broadband), or cellular/wifi (when within range, of course).

Q. How do I participate in the Special Offer for the 2023 Baja Haha?

Just email support@weathermuffin.com and we’ll give you a code to enter into the App Store to receive 6 months of premium service free. It’s easy!

There’s no obligation to continue using Weathermuffin after the 6 months is up, and no credit card is needed to participate.

Q. How much does Weathermuffin cost if I want to continue after 6 months?

If you want to continue being warned of all monitored conditions and/or use it with an Iridium GO, the cost is $29.99 per month, or $299 for a year.

However, even without a premium subscription, you can still continue to use some features for free.

About the Developer

Chuck and his Cabo Rico 34 Sparklemuffin were 2021 Haha registrant #55. Afterward, he sailed solo from La Paz to French Polynesia and from French Polynesia to Hawaii. During these solo crossings he was inspired to use his professional software engineering skills to develop the Weathermuffin app for himself and others.

Interested in the free offer?
Email me at support@weathermuffin.com

Questions, suggestions, and other feedback are always welcome!

Have a fun and safe Baja Haha!