How To Survive a Rip Current

Hopefully, your lifestyle as a cruiser includes much time at sandy beaches. This video from NOAA shows exactly what to do should you find yourself caught in a rip current.

How dangerous is it to sail in the open seas?

This is similar to asking, “How dangerous is it to fly in the open skies?” Yet here you are, having survived every airplane flight you’ve taken, despite all that could have gone awry.

The Swiss Cheese Model 🧀

The idea of the Swiss cheese model, put forth by James T. Reason, is that there’s a number of steps between events and an undesirable outcome… multiple opportunities or defenses to avoid a poor outcome, in other words.

Vesper Cortex Review

I’ve been excited about the possibilities for the Vesper Cortex ever since first hearing about it. It just makes so much sense to combine VHF and AIS in one unit.