How To Fix Inaccurate or Incorrect GPS Position on iPhone

Sometimes, you may find that your iPhone’s GPS position has become “stuck,” reporting either an inaccurate GPS position, or an old position you haven’t been at for a long time.

Yanmar 3JH2E Heat Exchanger Core Assembly Photos

In How To Remove Yanmar 3JH2E Heat Exchanger, Step-by-Step with Photos, reader John M brought up the orientation of the core assembly within the heat exchanger. There are three things to consider to properly place the core assembly.

How to Get Worldwide Satellite Wind Observations (ASCAT) via Email

While sailing offshore, forecasts, NOAA synoptic charts, and other weather information can be accessed through an Iridium GO.

However, on a couple notable occasions, the forecasts—even when just hours ahead—differed significantly from real conditions.

This made me want better access to actual observations. Until now, I did not have a solution for this while offshore outside of the U.S.

How To Install Yanmar 3JH2E Heat Exchanger, Step-by-Step with Photos

This is a follow-up to How To Remove Yanmar 3JH2E Heat Exchanger, Step-by-Step with Photos.

How To Remove Yanmar 3JH2E Heat Exchanger, Step-by-Step with Photos

Hopefully you never find yourself in a position where you need to replace your heat exchanger . But if you do, firstly, I’m sorry! Secondly, hopefully this article will help ease your pain.

How to Get NOAA Buoy Data via FTPMail

Over the years, NOAA/NDBC buoy data has been instrumental in my weather- and condition-related decision-making processes.

These buoys offer near-real-time information about actual wind and sea state. Knowing the actual conditions where you’ll be sailing is immensely useful.

Recently I was wondering… Is this buoy data available offshore?

How to Create Sea Climate Maps from Satellite Data

Inspired by a section in Heavy Weather Sailing by Peter Bruce, I decided to see what sea climate maps were available online, so I could include them in my collection of cruising resources.

How To Multi-Year Renew USCG Vessel Documentation

It seems to be not very widely known, but recreational vessels can now renew their USCG certificates of documentation for a five year period.

How to get Weather Fax on Mac

Yesterday I received my first weather fax! I might be a nerd (ok, replace “might be” with “am”), but it was pretty exciting.

How to Change Your Boat’s Name With the Coast Guard: Step by Step

When I wanted to change my boat’s name, I could not find a simple set of instructions online. The USCG instructions weren’t 100% clear either.

So here’s what I did that worked, step by step.