Privacy Policy

The Weathermuffin App

  • When you use the Weathermuffin app, your current location, speed, and course are transmitted to Weathermuffin’s servers located in the United States. Your location is needed to determine what weather is in your geographic proximity. Your location is used only for this purpose and is not stored, recorded, or transmitted elsewhere.
  • When the app connects to the Weathermuffin server, your IP address is (necessarily) sent as well. However, it is used only to respond to your weather request.
  • Should the app crash, a crash report may be sent to Apple. Such reports, if received, are used only for identifying the cause of the crash and how to fix it.
  • No other personal, identifying, or sensitive information is used, collected, or transmitted.

The Weathermuffin Web Site

  • The web site uses Google Analytics. See here for information about what information is collected and how it’s used.
  • The web site uses only the minimum “cookies” that are necessary for it to function.
  • The third-party service MailerLite is used to manage our email list.
    • When you visit the Weathermuffin web site, MailerLite uses a cookie to show the sign-up pop-up only once in a while (and not every visit).
    • If you opt to sign up for our newsletter, your email address and IP address are collected by MailerLite.
    • You may opt out (unsubscribe) from the newsletter emails at any time, by following the unsubscribe link that appears in every email.
    • See also MailerLite’s privacy policy.

This privacy policy may be updated at any time without notice. The most up-to-date version can be found at

(Updated 2 June 2023.)