iOS Apps for Sailors and Cruisers

These are the iOS apps I use when sailing.

How dangerous is it to sail in the open seas?

This is similar to asking, “How dangerous is it to fly in the open skies?” Yet here you are, having survived every airplane flight you’ve taken, despite all that could have gone awry.

How do sailors determine the time while at sea?

There are several possible ways:

Top Ten Lifestyle Tools for Sailors, Cruisers, and Other Nomads

Being a global cruising sailboat sailor or other such nomad comes with special challenges to modern life—mail, phone plans, keeping in touch with friends and family, and more. Here are the tools I use to keep things in order while cruising.

How To Fix Inaccurate or Incorrect GPS Position on iPhone

Sometimes, you may find that your iPhone’s GPS position has become “stuck,” reporting either an inaccurate GPS position, or an old position you haven’t been at for a long time.

How do sailors know a storm is coming?

There are a number of ways sailors can learn about an approaching storm.

What can sailors do to avoid bad weather while sailing?

It’s hard for any discussion of sailing—long-distance or ocean-crossing passages in particular—to not quickly turn to the topic of weather and storms.

Every human activity involves non-zero risk, and sailing is no exception. However, there are several tools prudent sailors can employ to mitigate and minimize risk from weather.

Starlink vs. Iridium GO! Exec

Are you thinking of installing a new satellite data system? Or considering upgrading from the glacially slow legacy Iridium GO! service? If so, then you may be considering Starlink and/or the new Iridium GO! Exec service.

How to Use Iridium GO! with Weathermuffin

Please note: The Weathermuffin app has been sunset as of November 2023 and is no longer available.

Weathermuffin is streamlined to get you the most important marine weather information fastest.

Weathermuffin WxHeadsUp™ Alerts

Please note: The Weathermuffin app has been sunset as of November 2023 and is no longer available.

Weathermuffin’s novel “WxHeadsUp” feature proactively monitors and alerts about upcoming weather conditions sailors care about. In this article we deep-dive into wave steepness, confused seas, calm winds, and more.