How To Survive a Rip Current

Hopefully, your lifestyle as a cruiser includes much time at sandy beaches. This video from NOAA shows exactly what to do should you find yourself caught in a rip current.

What is Wave Steepness?

And why should sailors care about it?

What is Wind Opposing Current?

And why should sailors care about it?

NOAA: 60% Chance of Above Normal Atlantic Hurricane Season

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center has issued an update for the Atlantic hurricane season.

95% Chance for Winter El Niño

The most recent El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Diagnostic Discussion, dated August 10, 2023, and published by NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, indicates:

iOS Apps for Sailors and Cruisers

These are the iOS apps I use when sailing.

How dangerous is it to sail in the open seas?

This is similar to asking, “How dangerous is it to fly in the open skies?” Yet here you are, having survived every airplane flight you’ve taken, despite all that could have gone awry.

How do sailors determine the time while at sea?

There are several possible ways:

Top Ten Lifestyle Tools for Sailors, Cruisers, and Other Nomads

Being a global cruising sailboat sailor or other such nomad comes with special challenges to modern life—mail, phone plans, keeping in touch with friends and family, and more. Here are the tools I use to keep things in order while cruising.

How To Fix Inaccurate or Incorrect GPS Position on iPhone

Sometimes, you may find that your iPhone’s GPS position has become “stuck,” reporting either an inaccurate GPS position, or an old position you haven’t been at for a long time.