Chuck Batson, President & CTO

“I’ve been engineering software for over 30 years. Also recently completed my first solo ocean crossing from Mexico to Nuku Hiva in the Cabo Rico 34 sailboat Sparklemuffin. The 36-day crossing inspired me to develop the weather app I wish I’d had along the way. I’m currently cruising French Polynesia, where I’m also a volunteer net controller for the Poly Mag Net radio net. Tune in and let’s connect!”

Why is it called “Weathermuffin”?

“Before Weathermuffin, when I was at sea, I’d check the weather begrudgingly. Yes, it was crucial to safe and efficient passage making. But I didn’t enjoy it. It was a time consuming, cumbersome, and frustrating experience to get the information I needed.

I wanted a morning ritual I could enjoy. Like a muffin. A weather muffin!

Plus, it suits the name of my boat, Sparklemuffin. Weathermuffin is the love child of my passions for sailing and software development.”